Ball Handling Workout

When it comes to basketball, there are two things that everyone wants to be able to do. Dunk the basketball, and have amazing ball handling ability. Have on kid stand stationary with hands up at the free throw line have another kid run at him dribbling the ball, when he gets to the stationary player, the ball handler will stop hesitate (while still dribbling) and make a move to the ball handling basketball left or the right, switching which hand is doing the dribbling while he makes that move. Another great drill that is a little more advanced is the two ball crossover drill.

Even the world class basketball players can confirm that perfecting bball dribbling skills is a tall order and does not just come easy. Keeping the ball low to the ground, dribble the ball in a circle around your left leg with only your left hand. Hold the ball between your legs, with both hands on the ball, right hand in front and left hand in back. Our camps provide a solid foundation for first time players and a challenging curriculum for experienced players.

Strengthen them, to, by doing ball handling drills with a heavier ball or medicine ball. You want to practice handling the ball and making the right decisions under pressure. Great ball handling means you are able to successfully deliver the ball to your basket. While being able to control the ball is very important, it is not the most important part of basketball. The kids I have been working with recently are a little too young or lacking in basic ball skills to pull off any of these drills, but hopefully this list will be helpful to you!

With feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, players should hold the basketball between their legs with both hands behind their bodies. If you cannot handle the rock, then go back to the drawing board because the better you are, the more effective you are, the bigger asset you are to the team, and the more your teammates are going to want the ball in your hands!

I understand that in today's world and economy, just because something is actually worth a ton of moolah, that doesn't mean you have to charge that much for it. I wanted to ensure that every last aspiring superstar basketball player had a fair shot at The Effective Ball-Handling Program when I met with my advisors to discuss the actual price. After the ball goes through the legs, the right foot drives by or around the defender.

Overall, The Effective Ball Handling Program 2.0 by Alex Maroko is one of the most popular training programs for basketball players online for a good reason and any basketball player who want to gain incredible speed and quickness and to take his game to the next level can benefit from Alex Maroko's program. Our year-round programming includes: summer and school break day camps, weekly lessons, D-League, after school programs, Elite Advanced Basketball Academy (EABA), and Hoop Dreams Overnight Basketball Camp. At that point, you can start to work on more complex moves that bring beauty to the game.

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